He’s easily one of the greatest of our times. He’s captivated audiences with his production skills, music skills and mic skills. In honor of our Kanye West tribute party, “There’s Drinking To Be Done: Kanye LOVES Kanye Night” we had two of our resident DJs, Tanner Caldwell and Kira Bandan, put together the all greatest top 10 list.

Can’t wait to see you all at our upcoming event!


10. Ultra Light Beam – Tanner Caldwell says “The beam feels like home. Listen to this one while riding a bike into the sunset. ; )”

9. Stronger – Kira Bandan says “Easily the biggest hit of 2007 and really put him on mainstream radio and not just hip hop.”

8. Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1 – TC  says “Inexcusably vulgar Kanye.”


7. Gold Digger – KB says “Gold digger is a classic now that is a fail proof song to play at any gig.”


6. Black Skinhead – KB says “It’s a deep cut that gets right to core issues.”

5. The New Workout Plan – TC says “Once upon a time, Kanye used to frequently smile.”



4. I’m In It – TC says “The underplayed heater of Yeezus.”



3. Wolves – KB says “It stood out to me the most in the Life of Pablo album with a new young producer and interesting collab with Sia”



2. Fade – KB  says “It sounds like an 80s work out song with moody lyrics that you can’t not want to dance to.”



1. All Falls Down – TC says “Easily one of the most epic club anthems of all time.”




Bonus: Jesus Walks – TD2BD says “Can’t have a top 10 list without this one.”







Theodore Drnktobedne