10 Songs Only The Flyest 90s Kids Would Know
You owned a Tamagotchi, drank Surge and had a cell phone like Zack Morris. Here’s 10 songs only the flyest 90s’ kids would know.
10. CRUSH – JELLYHEAD – “All our jeans were torn back then, because it was in style.”

9. GHOSTTOWN DJS – MY BOO – “cause at night, I think of you…my boo.

8. PRODIGY – FIRESTARTER – “If this tune doesn’t start a fire in your pants, nothing will.

7. JODECI – FREEK’N YOU – “The bumpin, grindin, freakin anthem.

6. JANET JACKSON – GO DEEP – “Janet Jackson will always be the queen….before Beyonce.”

5 . NAS – YOU OWE ME (FEAT. GINUWINE) – “Nas and Ginuwine on one track….yup.”

4. USHER – NICE AND SLOW- “If you remember shuffling across the gym floor during a high school dance to this, you get it.”

3. BEASTIE BOYS – INTERGALACTIC – “Even if you didn’t know how to break dance, you tried when you heard it.”

2. DIS ’N’ DAT – PARTY – “Party starter track extraordinaire.”

1. CRYSTAL WATERS – GYPSY WOMAN – “That piano line intro will take you straight back to the memory of dancing in your room.”

BONUS SONG: REDMAN – I’LL BE DAT – “Cause Redman. His first name must be f*ck you.
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