2014 In Review

It’s been another year of sweat soaked, beer enthused, chaotic rampaging, that pissed into the river Styx. From gritty South Philly block parties, soul-baring burlesque or sipping on the finest drinks at WhiskeyFest, we’ve stumbled from every event we could get our hands on in 2014.

We even continued to throw our monthly party where friendships both old and new could be celebrated. A party where everyone and anyone could spend an evening without judgment: Punks, Loners, Stoners, Goths, Queens, Bros, and even people there just for the show. We’re proud to have built something that shared one special thing in common; smiling faces.

td2bd celebrates 2014

In fact, that’s been our only mission.

From Baltimore, to Trenton, to Brooklyn and of course Philly we seen thousands of you writing your TD2BD stories for tomorrow.

2015 is here and we’re moving ahead with friends, family and a million brand new ideas. Expect to see more fashion, food, fun, and drink!

Happy New Year everyone and thank you for all of the love and support!
Much love,
-Zero Lives & Team TD2BD