There’s Drinking To Be Done

This website is intended only for those of legal age to consume alcohol and for those of age, please remember to drink responsibly!

We cultivate and report on the nightlife culture of Philadelphia, while continually rolling with the ever-changing face of counterculture. We strive to provide a service that blends writers, photographers, promotions and entertainers together. As we say, “Every Night Has A Story.”

The Team


Zero Lives

Director / Editor-In-Chief

It started with a bottle of absinthe, The American Dream and one over-asked question, “What should we do tonight?” From reviews to events and even a web show, Zero has been trying to answer that question every weekend. Party promoter, music lover. Zero is the silver-tongued observer that thrives off quick wit. Ready to size up any situation, he’s always first on the scene. TD2BD’s director of chaos.


Skinny Pete

Lead Photographer / Senior Correspondent

Jaded Photographer; Missionary of Debauchery. Skinny Pete prowls the nooks where no one knows his name until they do. From chugging 40s with oogles in their flyspots to sipping Last Word’s from chilled cocktail glasses at black tie galas, he moves like a phantom through social barriers with a firm handshake and tales of harrowing adventure. He pens nightlife notes full of ragwater, bitters, and blue ruin while muttering the lyrics to Tom Waits songs under his breath. He’s never using the Megatouch and always looking for trouble with a grin and a wink and a drink in his hand.


Roc Borja

Editor / Senior Correspondent

The gritty, aloof, dance machine and walking disaster. He puts the world down on paper one fleshed out thought at a time. Roc has his pen on the jugular vein of the counterculture and he’s ready to stab; it’s mightier than the sword, after all. A self proclaimed believer in Better Living through Chemistry, Roc is a sucker for Fireball, Southern Comfort, and Sweet T. Should you see him out there on the dance floor drinking from a pitcher of water, don’t worry; he’s just keeping cool.



Senior Photographer

The only time he rolls a dice it comes up 20. The nerdiest guy you know armed with a camera and passion. He’s been in the nerd culture scene since delorians could travel through time and debates were settled in the thunderdome. Don’t let the sub cultural norm scare you though, Zamzuki is the heart of any party. Quick with a joke or a light of your smoke there’s no place he’d rather be. Whether it’s capturing the bizarre city night life or the mix of culture Philly has to offer Zam is there with camera in hand and a smile on his face.



Senior Photographer

The bubbly, ferocious, friendly little demon in curls. She snaps fingers like she snaps photos. When you’re looking good, she looks good – and she knows how to make you look good. No stranger to spirits of all kinds, she can go from zero to bitch if you do her wrong. So watch out, because she may be sweet but this kitty has claws. When she’s not running around snapping pictures of Philly’s best and brightest (or down and dirtiest) she’s often seen pinching butts and cutting a rug on the dance floor.



Correspondent / Event Coordinator

The Amazing Brettzo! A respected member of the burlesque/performance community for several years, this moustache enthusiast has proven himself as TD2BD’s first gentleman of Ass-tassels. Whether he’s stripping, drawing cartoons, writing comedy sketches, performing boylesque routines, or interviewing members of Philly’s celebrated alternative/performance artists, you can be sure that he’ll be well dressed well and have his moustache on point. We’re proud to call this renegade roustabout a member of our ragtag band of misfits.



Promotions / Correspondant

Out of the depths of the smokiest shadows and mists of the Arcadean Islands comes Booth. Game master, promotor, music enthusiast, and all around fun guy, you can find him chilling with a drink or cocktail at the bar before you even get there. He swirled like smoke into our TD2BD family back during the early party days, and has become a pivotal asset and highly regarded team member whose opinions are respected within our little family. If there’s a connection that needs to be made, it’s quite possible that this man of mystery has already made it.


Rahl Noir

Sound Tech / Contributor

Rahl Noir wandered into the city of Philadelphia more than two years ago and, for reasons he can’t explain, has not yet left. Beyond this, little else is known about the mysterious author. What we do know is that he calls a glorified urban trailer in the North of the city his home and has held several illustrious positions including (but not limited to) Freelance Chef, Sweatshop Floor Worker, Part-Time Hand Model, and Seasonal Cat Tamer. When he isn’t writing words, making noise, or perfecting the recipe for “Mr. Noir’s Kensington Gasoline™,” Noir can be found at your local dive bar purchasing the cheapest drink specials humanly possible or wandering the streets looking for food past 2 AM.


Shan Cerrone

Videographer / Photographer / GET HYPE

A Philadelphia based commercial photographer working along the east coast, with a large background in landscape and photojournalism for his personal work.

Always having an interest in creating captivating imagery, he has developed a unique drive for taking his client's passions and bringing them to life in greater ways than they imagined with his own aesthetic; viewing the collaborative process to be the greatest tool in creating an image campaign or documenting a personality.



Senior Correspondent / Street Team

Sports advocate, beer enthusiast. JB is quick on the move to make friends everywhere he goes; even when he shouldn’t. If there’s a crucial moment that comes between winning and losing, JB makes things happen. Graduated from Rutgers University with a focus in language (Spanish and German) and marketing. TD2BD author.



DJ / Host

DJADUB, aka Aaron Witz, is a Philadelphia based DJ/Remixer with 10 years of experience behind the decks. He has honed his live sound and energry playing everything from high-end bottle service clubs, swanky corporate events, and music festivals to underground city warehouse parties too hot for the mainstream. ADUB developed his following by nailing performances across Philadelphia, New York, Atlantic City, Washington DC and Chicago.


Tanner Caldwell

DJ / Host

Tanner Caldwell is the result of 20 years spent soaking in southern comfort, 4 years in Brooklyn, and 4 years in Philly. A sarcastic, yet well rounded creature of the music industry, Caldwell has spent the better part of the last decade DJing all over the US. His exploits include a vast variety of venues including national nightclub tours, grimy warehouse parties, and monthly trips to Atlanta to perform. When not constantly in motion, his time is spent churning out his own originals and remixes specifically intended to push the boundaries of dance music.



Masked Hero

I am the gold in your schlager. The front line in a never-ending battle between good party and not-so-good party. Together with my stalwart sidekick Zero Lives and the magnanimous help of some other folks I drink with, we form the yin to partying’s malevolent yang. Destiny has chosen us. Wicked men — you face the Ozaku!