The Barbary 7 Year Anniversary

It was our third party upstairs. This was the first time that we were pretty much thrown into the fire. No other big headliner to pull people in. We were responsible for all the promotion and getting the word out. I remember walking in the stress was palpable early in the night. We all got our various city wides, double checked the banners, the dvds, I checked my gear probably six times. This was it man, the party that was either going to make us or break us. After that I took a breath and the first two hours were a blur. Saying hello to people who came out from far corners of the city. Meeting new friends who traveled from other states to see our DJs. It was pretty unreal, so I strapped up my camera and hit the floor running.

Before I knew it I had to dance, slip, and shake my ass through the thunder of people. We had done it. Barbarella was filled to capacity. The energy that night was unreal mix of debauchery and pride. Beneath the hoofsteps of the nightlife the floor shudder and shook. Drinks were sloshing in raised hands. Colors bounced and bolted off flesh and cloth alike until our eyes couldn’t tell the walls from the women. Bodies mashed in almost a pornographic soliloquy for only the invited. If nirvana is a place of peace this was the yang to every quiet eternal second. This was the party that immortalized the letters TD2BD in bold print monthly at The Barbary. This is my fondest moment.

Zero Lives
My memories are hazy and heated, a blurry mess of spilled drinks and sweat soaked misadventure. From the welcoming dance floor at my very first Barbary trip 3 years ago, to the dark sexual deviation of Hands and Knees, I have plenty of stories; some to share, some to not.

When we abruptly picked up and moved our party to the Barbary 7 months ago I wasn’t sure who would show. To my surprise the entire dance floor packed within an hour with old faces and new a like. We laughed, twerked and sloppily celebrated the only way we know how…with a new family of friends, with many more to come.

Jayne Doe

I was introduced to the Barbary only 3 short years ago, yet it feels like an eternity. At the mention of its name, my mind twists and flashes with wild memories.A kin to the likes of that wild gondola scene in the original Willy Wonka, there’s no real beginning or end. A highlight reel of mashed up memories, I reminisce. Back when Makeout Club was where everyone went to scream their hearts out, relishing and reliving their teenage angst. While on the flip side, some of my wildest nights were thanks to Hands + Knees. Random makeouts, crazy dance battles, and running in and out of the Barbary to drunkenly find Zero or Clutch, there was never a dull moment. I almost lived at the Barbary for a summer, days and nights blurred together in an infinite blast of glory.


ozaku first party td2bd


Well shit. What do I pick that I actually remember? I’ve been to that bar more than probably any of you at this point. I guess if i had to pick one, it’d be the first Guitar Army after I moved to Philly. If I’m not mistaken, it was the Cherrie Currie edition. I didn’t have to worry about how I was getting home since I could just walk, so I let loose and had an absolute blast with anyone and everyone who was there. Also, having just moved into my place a few days earlier, looking back at it, it was the start of probably the best year of my life.

Zamzuki: “I met you that night JB! It was a fucking riot.



My favorite memory from the Barbary has to be the last Kat Face Party we had there. The guys from were there and everyone’s face was painted in bright neon colors. My friend who I hadn’t seen in two years had been in town for three weeks and her last free night in this area just happened to fall on the Kat Face party. Everyone was running around with these crazy fucking faces on and as the night went on the sweat started to melt everyone’s face paint. My friend danced with the best of us all that night until the lights came on and Frank Sinatra started playing. Roc and I were leaving for vacation literally right after the party was over. After dropping off my friend we went home, packed up our shit, piled everything into the car, and drove all night to South Carolina. We were all still so jazzed from the Kat Face party that none of us slept until we got there


Roc Borja

I hadn’t seen my one friend from college in over three years. Recent changes in his life caused conversation between us to start again, so I coaxed him to come drown his sorrows and forget about his problems by coming out with us for last month’s Illuminati Jams party. Drinking, laughing, dancing, getting rowdy and being goofy. It was like old times all over again. It didn’t matter that we hadn’t seen each other in three years because we were together right now, old worlds joining with the new world, the bridging of past and present. He cut a rug harder than any of us that night and we all danced our bullshit problems out into the night wind together. During the peak of the night’s intensity, when we were dancing hard on the dance floor and he was staring up at booty bouncing on stage, he turned to me and yelled, “IS THIS WHAT YOU’VE BEEN DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?!” The answer to that question was: Yes, yes it is.


I remember my first visit to the Barbary vividly. I had a deal with Tommy D that if I provided tickets to the Phillies Game, he would drive and pay for parking… Little did he know, I had some friends with season passes that would throw them my way for free quite often. We went to so many games that Summer. During one such outing early in the season, the Phillies were absolutely demolished and I was absolutely flabbergasted. Never before did I attend a Phillies Game where the home team didn’t win, and I didn’t know what to do with myself. Tommy D seizing an opportunity decided to try to lift my spirits with a trip to Tigerbeats  with the promise that we would only be there 20 minutes (which I now know is impossible), and the first drink on him.

Soon thereafter, it was closing time. I had an amazing time dancing, drinking, and flirting with gorgeous ladies the entire night. I not only found myself returning to Tigerbeats again and again, but ventured into some other fine parties like H&K and GxA. Thanks to the Barbary, I’ve meet some of my closest newest friends.

Skinny Pete
Guitar army.

Oh and meeting Richie Ramone.

The Barbary 7 Year Anniversary Party 11/12/14

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