“Rock and Roll!!!” – Zero Lives

Weekdays were always a bust; chaotic binging through nefarious night life took its toll. It seemed The Barbary had other plans; chaos to clarity. Kitsune (see PEX / Ortleib’s Lounge) called me, slightly too excited for a Sunday. “There’s this awesome ’60s and ’70s party at upstairs at The Barbary. You have to go!!” she said 6000 words a second. This place had a never ending bag of tricks; out the door I went.


The Barbary was a familiar routine. Head nod the bouncer, open the door, bank a sharp left, climb the steep stairs still slick with shame and adventure from the previous night. As I made my way to the top, I caught a whiff of something. Free love or incense? It didn’t matter, just get to the top of the stairs; one foot in front of the other, man. As I reached the top, guitar wailing blasted me in the face. Holy jack flash, what was this?! Lunacy had engulfed the room. Bohemians convulsed on the floor; the rock and roll spirit controlled them. A mad man in a daze thrashed the air while frantically whipping his hair around. He stomped, rolled, then leapt onto the support column next to me, shaking with excitement. The power of Christ compels you, man! I backed away slowly. It looked like I was going to need a drink.


I evaluated the situation from the bar. $2 PBR always hit the spot. The DJ booth was retrofitted with flower power, bringing back that subtle ’60s flair. Classic black and white fliers lined the wall – BLOW UP A GO GO. Girls impassioned by the chaos jiggled and shimmied on the tables in front of the booth. Where were the the go-go boots and short flowery dresses? The memo to dress up must not have reached everyone yet; fashionably late, a common occurrence at The Barbary.


It took three DJ’s to contain all of the rock energy. Tunes ripped straight from their personal vinyl collection blared over the speakers. They wildly jumped around, waving and singing, while one smashed a tambourine. Woah Black Betty Bam Ba Lam! The energy and excitement took grip. A pretty girl with thick glasses twisted and spun around the room snapping photos of the liveliness. Some mugged for the cameras flash, others remained possessed by the power of rock and roll. The enthusiasm and excitement was too much. My foot started gyrating and tapping the ground. Control yourself man, there’s writing to be done! It was too late. I couldn’t save myself. The tapping became twisting, until the shouting came full on. It’s a gas! Gas! Gas!


The rock spirit had taken over, shaking the week long cobwebs loose. Anxiety, chaos, and inspiration; the night plunged deep into a funky fun evening loaded with non-stop psychedelic grooves. The best era of rock and roll was in full effect and turned a mundane week into a trippy Austin Powers time warp. As the stellar jams came to a close I finished my beer and boogie, then safely returned to 2013. Another stellar weekend; The Barbary had done it again.

The bottom line:

It’s a fantastic jam night; the kind that gets you off your butt and onto the dance floor. They spun through tons of classic ’60s and ’70s tunes and even some rare tracks for you music buffs. Be sure to check it out every THIRD Friday, upstairs at The Barbary. You won’t be disappointed! Like their Facebook page to stay updated!


Thanks to the talented photographer Kristin Guessford of ‘Did I Shutter’ for letting us use her fantastic work!


The Barbary
951 Frankford Avenue  Philadelphia, PA 19125
(215) 634-7400