The holidays are normally a time of reflection.
A time we feel compelled to be a little more jolly,
and a time to give back.

We here at TD2BD have much to be thankful for this holiday season. Through our drunken efforts to connect with fellow Partydelphians, we have had the opportunity to create something special together. We have been blessed with the opportunity to bring you some amazing monthly parties, fun reads and much more still to come.

In return you gorgeous, gorgeous people give us your funk, your soul, your twerky twerk twerkin’. The support and love all of our friends and readers show, keeps us writing through the wee hours of the mornings, partying like there’s no tomorrow and constant brainstorming just to bring you bigger and better.

We couldn’t do this without you and we love you for it!

There is no gift that is more precious than knowing that if just for one night we made a difference, created joy and were able to provide affordable drink specials to our most budgeted of friends.

You keep us going like a well oiled machine with friendships that we’ve been so lucky to forge with all of you.

So to you ALL we say, THANK YOU! Thank you to anyone and everyone who has and continues to believe in us.

Let us be your jolly fat man this season and we will continue to bring you ALL of the presents!

Whatever you celebrate, we wish you the best this holiday season. Take care of each other out there, be grateful for what you have and always remember:

There’s Drinking to be Done!!

Much Love Philly,

Jayne Doe and all of Team TD2BD

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