My good friend (and comedienne extraordinaire) Rachel Fogletto had begun hosting her very own comedy show. Comedy-GASM, as if you couldn’t tell by the name, was a show designed to make your senses tingle until you laugh so hard you experience sheer euphoria. I had long been waiting for the time I could come home to visit for one of her shows.

As I made my way upstairs I spotted Kingpin, Roc and Sweet T. They were huddled in a circle by the stage. “AHHHHHH!” yelled Sweet T as she ran up and gave me the biggest hug she could muster, “I MISSED YOU!”

Roc and KP joined in; TD2BD group hugs were some of the best. “Well if it isn’t Jayne Doe,” I heard a sly voice say over my shoulder. It was none other than Skinny Pete.  After our brief reunion we sat down and got ready for the show.

Rachel made her way onto the stage in a skin tight royal blue dress. She managed to catch everyone’s attention before even opening her mouth; we were all anxious to see what the night had in store. Comedy is just one of those things that can either go well, or fail miserably. I was hoping for the former in this particular case. While not on the roster for the evening, Rachel MC’d like she had been doing the show for years.

The first comedienne to go was Jaime Foutaine, who did a bit about how her crush read her diary on the bus when she was a kid (and the ensuing long-lasting embarrassment). The second up was Jimmy Viola, an Italian guy who was “sort of atheist” and who had an uncle in a halfway house. “You’re supposed to laugh” he told us jokingly.  Jaime and Jimmy loosened everyone up just enough to be ready for the next comedienne, Shortstack.

A petite woman, with long hair and a short black dress, jumped on stage with the energy of a college kid on amphetamines. Ironically, her set included a side splitting act called ‘Illegal Narcotics Jukebox.’ If you’re wondering, yes, it IS exactly what it sounds like. Audience members couldn’t blurt out the names of drugs fast enough. Everyone was laughing while Shortstack did improv remixes of top 40 hits about whatever drugs the audience could scream the loudest. My favorite must have been the David Guetta remix she did about Ecstacy, “If it feels like I’m too close, I’m going to touch youuuu…BECAUSE YOU LOOK SHINAYYYYYY.”  We here at TD2BD have run into these people in our nightlife adventures numerous times and this bit really hit home for all of us, especially Skinny Pete who had trouble taking photographs while doubled over in laughter.

Just when I thought I might pass out from laughing so hard, one bit seemed to be funnier than the next. Shortstack’s set went from a discussion about what it’s like to live with Hypomania, to stories about the type of people she met while working in a porn shop.  I looked at Skinny Pete and laughed, knowing of the horrors he experienced when he worked in one.


The next comedian up was Philadelphia’s own Anthony Moore.  With Anthony being the only African American comedian for the night he made sure to get the “awkward racist jokes” out of the way. He talked a lot about some of the problems we face in modern society, such as technology, dating and the often awkward mixture of the two. Since beginning my career with TD2BD, I was familiar with what a major part of everyday life Facebook had become for our generation.  Judging by the laughter erupting from the crowd, I knew I wasn’t alone in the somewhat painful feeling of living in such a social media based society.

The best part of the evening so far was that everything was pretty relatable. You had either experienced these things yourself, knew someone who had, or knew it could/would probably end up happening at some point. The night continued smoothly. Rachel never let a dull moment take place. You couldn’t even catch your breath between sets because of her rapid-paced humor.

Next up was Tim Warner from NYC. I felt a sort of warm tingly feeling when he stepped on stage. I wasn’t sure if this was because I could relate to some of the things he was saying about the generally negative attitude of New Yorkers, or if I may have been having a comedy-gasm. KP and I noticed a glimmer in Skinny Pete’s eye as well.  From the moment Tim stepped onstage, a solid, depressive, bromance was formed between him and Pete.


I could really understand why Skinny Pete could relate to Tim so well. I mean, we all have bouts of self-deprecation for whatever reason. The talent lies in making it seem as funny as this gritty comedian did. I know my own negative life experiences don’t feel that funny to me when they happened. I guess that’s the moral to his fucked up story though. “If you can’t laugh about hating yourself, everybody else will first, which will just make it worse.”

The final comedian on the roster was Alex Grubard, a NY native who smartened up and came to the wonderful city of Brotherly Love. He was studying at Temple University, just like I had. I really knew where Alex was coming from on the college front. So many of us get stuck in deciding what major will be good for us. You go into college thinking that it’s the end all, be all to what you will do in life. I was wondering why Alex chose English as a major, since it’s so broad. His decision making process seemed flawless however; just pick the major that you suck the least at!


After Alex was done, the night drew to a close.  I’m fairly sure I saw a few comedy-gasm’s take place throughout the evening.  We made our rounds, thanked Rachel for inviting us, talked to the comedians, and followed everyone to the after party at Teri’s. After all, there is ALWAYS more drinking to be done.

The bottom line:
Comedy-gasm is not your average comedy show, and is surely not for the faint of heart. This show tackled all sorts of issues, even ones that were difficult to discuss. It’s just one of the things that make this show as amazing as it is. Taboo topics are discussed and expressed in a way where you can laugh about just how messed up the world we live in can be. If you can stomach hearing some outside of the box humor and know how to let loose and laugh, I would STRONGLY recommend giving this monthly comedy spectacular a try!