Crowd stunned as two classically trained yoloists take the stage simultaneously.

CENTER CITY, PHILADELPHIA- As TD2BD’s party at Medusa Lounge prepared for the second act, the crowd erupted in applause as not one, but two classically trained yoloists took the stage simultaneously.

“I was just doing my thing and finishing up my set, you know?” said professional twerk advocate DJ Chris Carlin. “Then I heard this ominous sound. At first I thought it was just a loose wire, but then I realized Tanner Caldwell and DJ ADUB were here.”

The duo surprised and delighted the crowd with throwbacks and booty popping tracks that ranged from Montell Jordan – “This Is How We Do It” to Meek Mill – “Levels (Emynd Bounce Remix)“.

“That shit was ratchet, wrench, hammer and swag, son,” said one party goer as he popped, locked and dropped it. “That one song was so good, that I’m pretty sure I just got pregnant,” added a girl standing too close to a speaker.

We confirmed with our resident scientist and team mascot Ozaku, that it’s not technically possible to get pregnant from standing too close to a speaker, though the sentiment was still nice.

Our sources also contacted Caldwell with regards to doing a set at full yolo. “I can’t feel my face, but it’s pretty liberating,” said Caldwell.

The evening was an incredible mixture of sounds from the talented artists DJ Makra, Hadji Beats, Chris Carlin, DJ ADUB and Tanner Caldwell. The next party will be the last Thursday of September.