Danger Does Drag

Friday night…my recollection of the evening is hazy powered up with ginger ale and rum; A soothing yet invigorating experience. My notes consisted of unhelpful reminders and lots of exclamation marks.

“Skinny Pete! @ Danger 10! — // Heavenly photos /// Angelic bastardization filter!”

Another note read: “Colored wigs?!! Make-up gods!

Things pieced together slowly as I finished another drink. Pete was on his 5th mumbling about stolen cameras, corruption and deprived luck. We were attending a drag show, this one special because it was hosted by Danger Salon, an up and coming shop where rock, fashion and attitude blended together. It wasn’t just another haircut; it’s a lifestyle.

Skinny Pete was no stranger. He had covered their opening several months prior. He stared blankly at the wall mashing buttons on the camera.

“What’s wrong?” I asked hesitantly. I tended to air on the side of caution when dealing with him after several drinks. You were never sure what the answer was going to be.

“LOOK,” he said abruptly as the flash of a super nova went off in my face.

He whirled the camera around and shoved it in my face.

“Angelic right? I can work with this,” he said with a smile.

I took one last look around as the stars faded from my eyes. I could hardly see in front of me. The room was full of eager faces straining their necks to sneak a peak of the stars of evening, Mistor Fahrenheit, Luna LaVey, PrettyGirl and Lili St Queer.

What followed was one of the best drag shows I’ve seen to date. Something my words would fail to capture…that only Skinny Pete could manage to do with his lens.


danger salon does drag theres drinking to be done 1


danger salon does drag theres drinking to be don 2


danger salon does drag theres drinking to be done3

The bottom line:

It was a night of chaos, wonder, inspiration and exasperation. Smiles filled everyone’s faces as the crowd cheered at the top of their lungs. It was easily one of the best nights I’ve had out in a long time. It’s hard to actually put into words what goes on at a drag show. You’ll find yourself saying, “What the fuck is going on?” over and over…but in that same breath you can’t help but smile and laugh at the incredible vibrant energy the performers give to each and every person in the room.

See the full photo set here: DANGER DOES DRAG

Special thanks to Danger Salon for having us out!

108 East Girard Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19125
(267) 279-2863