I sat down with Edward B. Gieda III (Fantasy PantherGuitar Army) and discussed his co-opening of Danger Salon, a unisex hair salon in Philadelphia, with John Redden (The Barbary).

ZL: Nightlife tends to be very fashion forward, so opening a salon doesn’t seem like a massive leap of faith.

EBG III: The genesis of the concept is certainly relative to nightlife! I view personal fashion, aesthetics & hair as an essential component to leisure time. I came up from a punk rock & third or fourth wave mod scene, so glamor & intricate/flamboyant style of dress have always been near & dear to me. A salon in which people can pair up with talented stylists and see their vision regarding hair come to fruition has been the primary goal since early 2014 when John Redden and I started discussing plans to open Danger Salon.

What inspired the name, “Danger Salon”?

The allure to all things decadent has an element of danger to it that simultaneously attracts and repels. I dig the duality of these types of elements in the human experience.

With a name like that, we’re going to expect a lot from the atmosphere.

The atmosphere is based on the aesthetics employed by the greats from the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s: designers & visual artists like Vivienne Westwood, Betsey Johnson, Rudi Gernreich & Jean Paul Gaultier, cultural moguls like Malcolm McLaren, Andy Warhol, etc. and of course all the great music & cultural accoutrements essential to glam, punk & rock music.

The construction of the interior was commandeered by the exceptionally talented Christopher Thomas, Greg Charnock, Nick Bader & Jesse Engaard who were instrumental in helping concertize our vision.

Danger Salon Philadelphia 1

An amazing staff always helps set the tone.

There is a certain je ne sais quoi that juxtaposes certain iconic places & cultural keystones from the flow of the world around them.

Our tenure in the Philadelphia nightlife community & international touring scene provide us with a unique perspective & spin on not only the flow of venues & business, but on fashion, art & music as well.

Danger Salon’s staff, camaraderie, design & services possess this abstract element. Our staff has been congregated based on their exceptional work & style – Harley Detrick, Sonja Zeigler, Ashley Matlock & Giavonna Coburn are our stylists & the lovely Gabby Abramson is our receptionist.

When a lot of people hear salon, I think they jump to conclusions. Is this place for men or women?

This is most emphatically a unisex salon. Our services span a tremendously wide capability in terms of hair fashion and our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Tumblr accounts provide a great representation of the work coming out of Danger! Clients can expect an alluring & sensory-rich experience as well as the inclination that upon exiting the salon, their hair will look the best it ever has!

Where can people interested in going find more information?

We provide men’s & women’s cuts, color and waxing. Our services, pricing & hours are all available at http://www.dangersalon.com or give us a call at (267) 279 – 2863.

Danger Salon Philadelphia