It all started with an invite to a party at one of Princeton University’s Eating Clubs – the Terrace Club to be exact. For those of you who might not know, an Eating Club is the Princeton equivalent to a frat or sorority. Ivy League schools abolished fraternities and sororities, and as a result they were all kept but were made co-ed, opened to all without risk of hazing, and renamed to “Eating Clubs”.

The night was very mild and the wind broke at sundown for quite the quiet night. As my friends and I strolled up to the beautiful historic mansion, we noticed very little going on inside. This worried us, seeing as it was already after 11pm. I approached the front door to see two very large gentlemen working as doormen for the night.

“Would this happen to be the Terrace Club?” I asked as we came up the driveway.

“It is,” Doorman #1 replied, “do you have student ID’s?”

“Actually, we don’t,” I said, “We’re here to meet the headliner, Diversa. I believe we are on the guest list for the night.”

“Parties in Princeton don’t usually start until 12:30am-1am,” Doorman #2 chimed in, “it’s early still. There is no guest list yet,”

Confused and bit frustrated with the conversation so far, I told the door guys we would be back in an hour or so.

“Hopefully a guest list will be in your hands by then” I said as we walked away. We went to the good old Ivy Tavern right in town for a drink, and to kill some time (and maybe grab a bite to eat from the infamous Hoagie Haven right next door). After getting our fill of both spirits and food, we headed back to the Terrace Club with our fingers crossed.

td2bd booth 1

Finally! It looked like a party was going on for sure this time. Lights flashing through the windows, music bumping, a line out the front door, the sounds of people having fun; everything that was missing only an hour before. Success! Doorman #1 put on our wrist bands and we were in (now that he had the guest list in hand). Inside we saw students playing flip-cup, beer-pong, and quarters in one big room, stoners chilling on massive couches in the next, and of course dancing and music in the main living room area. I made my way over to the DJ booth and introduced myself around to the different performers. I finally got to meet Diversa; he seemed about as confused as I was by the party and our surroundings. The atmosphere was completely different than any other college party I’d ever seen. Everything in the house had some sort of historic significance. The term “turnt up” took on a whole new meaning, but it seemed more about the music, dancing, and hanging with friends than just going crazy and getting wasted.

“Hey,” Diversa said as we stood around waiting for his set, “They said I had a green room somewhere. Let’s go find it.”

“Look at these stairs. I wonder how old they are,” I remarked to my partner-in-crime as we walked up the stairs.

“1913,” he replied, “I looked it up while we were waiting to get in. I studied everything about this house via Google. Everything has its own name and was dedicated or donated by someone. There was more info on this house online than most celebrities.”

“Hey there’s literally green colored door over there,” Diversa exclaimed when we reached the top of the staircase. Yes, in fact, we had found the green room – a room completely colored in different shades of green with couches lining the room. The room filled up real quick with the wafting aromas of various combustibles, clouds of smoke escaping every time the door opened. We sat and talked and smoked, surprised to find that we were already aware of each other professionally.

“Wait! What time is it? Damn I think I have to go on like right now!” Diversa yelled in a panic, remembering what he’d came here to do.

We all ran downstairs shortly after to hear his set. Being a little parched and thirsty, I set out to find myself some beer. A quick visual scan revealed a painting of a Djinn (or Genie) at the top of a set of stairs that lead down to the basement. I had a feeling this supernatural being was directing me towards the beer. My wish was his command! I had a beer in my hand before I could even get all the way to the bar. This service was repeated all night too. Full fresh glasses – yes, actual glass, not red Solo cups – of beer handed to me each time I approached the bar with my empty one. The bartender thanked me for bringing back my empties. Princeton really knows how to host a party.

Diversa spun an insane set. It was a futuristic hip hop/RNB type of sound that had the floor shaking and really melded with the vibe of the night. Beautiful young women in fancy dresses were dancing around us with big smiles on their faces, just enjoying the music and great atmosphere of the party. Suddenly, a great commotion came from the Drinking Game Room. One of the teams had lost, and lost big. The losers had to play with their pants around their ankles, an almost universal college punishment for losing by shut-out. This losing team was not only guys; even the girls had to drop their pants. Of course we all noticed, but her panties weren’t actually what caught my attention. She felt completely free and safe to stand there just like that. No worries of any creepers coming onto to her or trying to grab her ass, or worse. This was rather refreshing to see at a university during a time laden with horror stories of date-rape and incidents of harassment occurring at schools across the country. I give my props to the Princeton University student body for showing some tact.

td2bd booth 2

I stumbled into a room just off to the side of where the dancefloor and music was. There were hammocks for chairs hanging from the ceiling! I found myself sitting with my friends, content to make friends with strangers and listen to Diversa do his thing on stage. Just as great as it was to dance to, his music was also great chill-music. Without warning, two very cute ladies came over and somehow managed to fit inside one hammock. This was too cute; I had to get a picture. They let me take one provided I tagged them each in it. I opened Facebook and attempted to friend them both, but alas, some algorithm was not updating our new friendship fast enough to allow me to tag them.

“Get you shit together Zuckerburg!” said Hammock Girl #1, “Oh wait, he never finished school.” We all laughed hard. She was spot on and hilarious. Not only were they cute and fun to hang with, but they were smart enough to rag on the creator of the biggest social media site in the world. Did I mention yet that I love Princeton?

The bottom line:

Diversa’s set came to a close and amidst an uproar of applause. He really had that place rocking. It was the perfect end to the party and to a wonderful night out on the town, and a perfect way to kick off spring just right. If you ever get invited to a party in Princeton, I highly recommend taking the offer and going.