Envoute: Magic Burlesque

I’m of course no stranger to circus acts, mentalists, magicians and sultry women alike. In fact when orientating yourself with the odd and unusual, a person should take certain necessary precautions.

One: Have a drink before you drink.
Two: Always carry a lighter.
Three: When the going gets weird, turn pro.

The night, like many before this one, started with Skinny Pete and I grabbing a quick drink; something to clear our palates before an evening of craft cocktails at L’Etage.
“We’ll take two Budweiser and two Jim Beam shots,” said Skinny Pete to the bartender.
The bartender nodded with a universal hatred and appreciation of our choice. We were either drinking on a budget or preparing for the occult.

After our drinks we made our way towards L’Etage. Skinny Pete pulled a single bent cigarette from his pocket, then stopped abruptly. “I forgot my damn lighter,” he said as he frantically patted down all his pockets. “There’s no time to stop. I’m sure someone…” I paused as we rounded the corner. Flickering fireballs suddenly illuminated the empty night sky. Skinny Pete and I looked at each other, then back at Miss Rachel Rotten as she performed fire tricks at the entrance.


“Can I get a light?” asked Skinny Pete as he pressed his face and cigarette forward. Rachel Rotten stared quietly as she considered his request. “Seriously, it’s fine. Half the fun is having my eyebrows potentially burnt off ,” he added.

We made our way upstairs to a dimly lit Victorian style room. A large red velvet curtain was draped across the stage while the packed room clamored with anticipation. The air was electrified and the bartender wiped a bead of sweat from his forehead with a rag while mixing multiple cocktails. I ordered a Tesla Coil, one of the many fantastic craft cocktails named after the cast, while Skinny Pete maneuvered around the room preparing for a night of magic burlesque.

The night was a carefully blended mixture of comedy, sexuality and magical variety. Dr. Harms-Catz, ushered in each performance  with a sense of grinning charisma and giddy jubilee that was returned playfully by the quick wit of the sultry Tesla Tease. Marion St. James astounded the audience by summoning an arm-full of silver rings out of what seemed like thin air. Her later act consisted of a fan dance with the beauty and grace of a butterfly.

The acts were a whirlwind of tricks and treats, each one just as exciting as the last. Tesla returned to the stage solo to wow the enchanted audience with a cautionary tale of releasing a troublesome gypsy spirit straight from Roma mythology. The spirit took the form of a silver globe that dragged her around the stage while she attempted to control it with a black cloth.

Olympia the Automaton stiffly clunked out onto the stage with an awkward gait of a malfunctioning steampunk robot. The good Doctor Harms-Catz inserted a human heart that smoothed out her movements and turned her into a masterful dancer, even with her stiff robotic nature. Lady Katy who stepped out as a ballerina complete with tutu, with no other introduction other than her stunning good looks.


Melissa Bang Bang entered the stage and dumped a bucket of glass everywhere. Melissa laid down on the glass and struck a heartfelt smile as it dug into her. I immediately thought of that softie Roc Borja and his lack of appreciation for the more seductive subtleties of life.  Glass can be sensual, even a little sexy.

The evenings show was wrapped up by the one and only Adam Iezzi as he stepped on stage to test his abilities as both a mentalist and a prestidigitator.

All we can tell you is that his final act ends in a bang.

The bottom line:
The show had a mystique that combined burlesque, comedy, variety, magic and above all a cocktail menu fit for a king. We laughed, we cringed, we stared in awe at the sultry women that paraded before our eyes. Envoute is a magical show to be reckoned with. We also wanted to include an honorable mention for Ocelot On A Leash’s wonderful addition to the evening They performed a small act from their larger show based on Dr. Who that excited the inner (and outer) nerd in all of us!

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