Fantasy Panther Record Release Show

I remember the first time I heard Fantasy Panther. I stopped in my tracks slack jawed, as the sound of wild animals and chainsaws blared from the speakers. It mesmerized, intoxicated and was full of a devilish energy that I never expected from Edward B. Gieda III (Guitar Army), Daniel Kishbaugh (Blow Up A Go Go) and Steve Vaiani (Sunday Night Karaoke @ The Barbary). I was lucky enough to sit down and chat with them briefly about Fantasy Panther and some of their influences.

So tell us a little about how Fantasy Panther was formed.

EG: The band was formed out of the rubble of An Albatross & the bosom of The Barbary. We all work together & haunt the Brown Commune, after hearing some demo takes Stevie & Dan ironed out I was really impressed & demanded to lay some vocals on ’em! The final product of that is our debut LP.

DK: Well I was playing bass in a garage punk band for a few years called “The Midnight Beat” and at the time we weren’t very active. Just basically rehearsing every so often and not playing many shows. Steve and I have a project studio and would play music together in our off time but we never really settled on what we wanted to do. At the time I was also Djing a classic soul and funk party on the regular and needed new needles for my turntables. So one lazy Sunday my girlfriend drove Steve and I over to Guitar Center so I could buy new needles and Steve could pick up some drum sticks. I picked up a guitar, decided to buy it and we started the band the next day.

SV: Dan and I had fucked around with some different music ideas in our studio at home in the past. This past February my and Eddie’s other band, An Albatross, wasn’t really doing much and a trip to guitar center resulted in buying a lot of gear and Dan saying: “Hey, I’m gonna buy this guitar. Let’s go home and start our grind band finally.” So, we wrote 4 songs and made a demo that same night and then Eddie wanted to put vocals on it. It just made sense. Damn, that was a fast fucking year! And then we were watching Animal Planet one day and we heard “In 2001, Julie turned her Fantasy Panther into a real life Black Leopard.” Instantly, we knew it was the band name, haha.

What are some of your influences that helped you create this sound?

EG: Early Napalm Death, Carcass, Extreme Noise Terror and John Peel-esque stuff from the 80’s and early 90’s. I also like to approach vocals & lyrical content from my heroes coming up in the hardcore/punk scene: Suppression, SPAZZ, Los Crudos, Monster X, Assuck, Discordance Axis and so on…

DK: I’ve always been obsessed with grindcore and fast fucked up music in general. I played drums in hardcore, punk and grind bands in the past so starting this band was natural for me. I’m not going to lie, I’m a terrible guitar player. I know how to play Slayer type riffs and punk riffs, that’s it. So I wanted to blend what I’m good at playing with what I like to listen to. Bands that influence me personally for Fantasy Panther are…. Nasum, Spazz, Pig Destroyer, Slayer, Rotten Sound, Discharge, Napalm Death and tons of others.

SV: Nothing legal. Fatal Attractions on Animal Planet.

It’s pretty damn exciting to have a record release party already. What’s your next big goals for 2014?

EG: I would love to do some more extensive touring and eventually play Europe again with this band. I’d love to release more records & keep creating & pushing.

DK: Write and record another record, play some awesome shows and see how the band progresses.

SV: We’re gonna be making more videos (we have a 3 part one in the works now), more recording, get overseas and do good tours/festivals. We have a tentative plan to do some shows in Amsterdam in March, and, Uhmmm…and no “girlfriend”…only sex, haha.

What should everyone expect at the Fantasy Panther Record Release Show? I’ve heard stories about a certain someone hanging from pipes and breaking things at venues.

EG: Pure sonic assault. We are making music that aims to discomfort and to repel.

DK: Since it’s kind of New Years I think I’ll wear a white suit.

SV: You’ve heard correctly. I’m gonna saw my left leg off after the set…it’s a thing I do at shows sometimes… Bugs, insects, vomit, puke, shit, piss, jenkum, inebriation, naked women and maybe dudes too….any requests on what you’d like to see? All of the bands are really awesome, it’s gonna be a solid show and a great party.

And finally, because we all really want to know, where did the idea to cover Eddie in blood come from?

EG: I can’t remember where the idea of getting slathered in blood came from, honestly — the idea of looking like you were just born when you walk onto a stage is kind of horrifying.

DK: Haha from our first video. We wanted to make something Human Centipede 2 influenced with the look and feel of the video. Weird black and white with tons of blood. It just stuck around since then.

SV: His “Aunt Flo” came to visit…and well, the rest is history…

On Thursday, January 9th at The Barbary Fantasy Panther will be kicking off their record release with one hell of a show!

Pre Sale Tickets available on Ticket Fly:

Doors open at 8 p.m.
Show starts at 9 p.m.
This is a 21+ event.

Ex-members of psyche grind legends An Albatross playing fast as fuck brutal grindcore, debut record out now!

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Current and former members of Total Fucking Destruction, Cop Problem, Burden, Dirty Tactics.

DJs punk / grind / hardcore vinyl during and after the show!