Early in the morning on September 8th, 2013, one of our good friends, Sara Crosby, was riding her bike home after spending a fun filled evening with friends when she was suddenly involved in a hit and run.

She was rushed to Jefferson hospital where they determined that she suffered a fractured shoulder and jaw, as well as a severe head laceration and multiple cuts and bruises. Her jaw will need to be wired shut for a time and while her shoulder doesn’t require surgery, she will be confined to a sling for the next several weeks.

Sara has a big heart and is always there to help a friend in need.

Due to her inability to work for a couple weeks, she will have to struggle to pay medical bills as well as living expenses. We’re all doing our part to help support her every way we can while she pulls through, but anything will be greatly appreciated.

Please see this link for more information about donating:

Get well soon Sara!
-Team TD2BD


Theodore Drnktobedne