2 DJs. 2 Head to head sets. 1 Mystery ingredient.

Each month we will have two DJs face off against each other battling tournament bracket style for the title of Iron DJ.

Our guest MCs will announce the DJs and reveal the mystery ingredient.

At this point the DJs will have 30 minutes to construct their sets around that “ingredient” for the evening.

Example Ingredient: WATER
Every song in the artists set will have to involve water or something related to water. Think TLC’s Waterfalls into Vanilla Ice’s ICE ICE BABY’.

DJ ADUB will warm you up as the DJs compile their sets.

At the end of 30 minute compile time, a coin will be flipped to determine who goes first. After a 30 minute set, the other DJ goes.

Each month we will have guest judges to determine who the winner is.

The only rules are that you need to use turntables and you must have fun.

So who will take it? Which DJ will remain supreme?

Interested in competing in IRON DJ? Send an e-mail to contact [at] td2bd.com with all of your information and we will get in touch as quickly as possible.