“To be a cat is a beautiful thing.” – Roc Borja

We were invited by Tanner Caldwell (resident Katface DJ and Philly/NYC local) to see what all the hype was about.  I couldn’t have thought of a better way to pop TD2BD’s NYC nightlife cherry.  “AHHHHHHH! WELCOME TO NYC BITCHES!!” I screamed, running into Sweet T and Roc’s open arms. Kingpin and Skinny Pete stood behind them with giant grins on their faces.

“So, uh, what EXACTLY is this Kat Face thing all about anyway?” asked Roc, looking slightly anxious.

To be honest, I still wasn’t sure what to expect. All I knew was that we were going to draw whiskers on our faces, dance to some music, and party until the sun came up.

“We drink, we dance, and we cat it up,” I replied. “I still think I should have worn a cat suit,” Kingpin said while playfully stroking my shoulder. I shook my head and laughed. I was used to seeing KP in suits, but a cat suit? The world wasn’t ready.



Despite the drizzle and the unseasonable chill, we walked over to the Glasslands Gallery, this month’s host for the Kat face party.  I shot the team a confused look as we walked up a small street toward a nondescript bar front that read Glasslands. Two quiet gentlemen stood outside smoking.

“Is this where that Kat Party is?” Pete asked one of the guys. He nodded nonchalantly and opened the door, ushering us inside.

“Hey guys! Welcome to the Kat Face party!!” said the adorable door girl, welcoming us enthusiastically. “Do you all need kat faces?” she smiled and flashed a grease pen our way. We lined up single file and were given our whiskers. I couldn’t help but break out a few dance moves as I waited for the rest of the crew to finish up. “Puuurrrrrfect, moves Jayne,” said Kingpin rolling his R’s. Red, green and blue lights cascaded the foggy room.  Tanner was warming up for the night while scenes from Bambi were projected behind the booth.



Sweet T and I immediately took over the dance floor, enjoying the calm before the storm. I wanted to soak in as much of this music while I was still able to move coherently. Skinny Pete started canvassing the space, looking for the best angles to capture all the lovely little kitties while KP and Roc were enjoying drinks at the bar as the dance floor began to fill.

“SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOTS!” sang Sweet T, as we danced our way towards KP and Roc. “2 shots of whiskey and 2 Brooklyn lagers,” she said with a smile to the bartender. This shot was to all things ratchet and whatever else the night would bring us. “What happens at Kat Face stays at Kat Face!” howled Roc as he raised his drink in the air. Call it intuition, but this was the moment I knew the night was going to get weird.



A glimmer in the corner of the room caught my eye. A man with handcuffs in all shapes and sizes was standing patiently, waiting for his first willing participant. Naturally, I got his attention and nodded for him to come over. I grabbed Sweet T’s hand in mine and held them both out. Before she could protest, we were chained together like Siamese party twins. How many people can be chained to their co-worker and still manage to pop, lock, and drop it like a choreographed routine?

As the night partied on, Skinny Pete bumped into us. “So, when did you two end up in shackles?” questioned Pete, as he blatantly disregarded the why. I smiled innocently and shrugged. “Girls gotta have secrets,” I replied as we strolled back into the fog and lasers to find the handcuff master.



The night came in flashes of pure amazingness. Domimatrixx, Jubilee, Mischief and Tanner switched in and out of the booth effortlessly. This was easily some of the best spinning I’d had the pleasure of partying to in a LONG time. There were songs for everyone to vibe to ranging from jersey club to hip hop, trap, back to house, dirty south jams and everything in between. The ‘K’ in Kat Face most definitely stood for krunk and this crew made sure you knew that.

The bottom line:
If you’re looking for a kick ass party, Kat Face is definitely where it’s at. It may seem a little different at first but there is definitely a method behind their madness. The fact is you have to be comfortable with yourself to draw whiskers on your face. This one action helps to eliminate judgments, criticisms, cliques or random ‘bro’iness that you might run into at a regular club event. The DJs are phenomenal and will have you twerking it out all night, despite how much you think you can or can’t dance. This party isn’t stationary either. They tend to switch the venue every month, allowing them to bring you the same great party in a different atmosphere every time.  If you’re looking for a great time, slap a Kat Face on your face and get with it!


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