Kat Face Trenton 5/2/14

KATFACE has been creating a major stir up and down the East Coast for months now, and it was heartwarming to see it brought to an intimate basement venue in Trenton, NJ. The state’s capital is a hot bed of musical talent and awareness, but generally gets passed over by tours of any kind. Trenton may not have been the biggest KATFACE to date, but the quality of the event proves the party’s worth in spades. An open minded and supremely diverse crowd showed up early at the Millhill Saloon, and kept it rocking until the very end. Laughter, drinks and sweat riddled the dance floor in a place where KATFACE has never been before. This is the true mark of a great party. Kudos to Tanner Caldwell and ADUB for mixing in the best of throwback Hip-Hop, spanning both Northern and Southern influences. Their command of an audience is truly top-notch. – Vera