“It smelled like Teen Spirit.” – Jayne Doe

*Bzzzzz Bzzzzz* I knew it wasn’t proper etiquette to check your phone while out to lunch but hey, it could be important! I quickly glanced under the table, 1 New Notification: FameLust invites you to “MakeOutClub [Now MakeUpClub] @ The Barbary.” A huge smile crossed my face, it was that time again! Zero and JB looked at each other, then back at me, wondering why I was grinning like the Cheshire cat. “Creepy guy or one eyed guy?” Zero asked. “Funny,” I said with a stern face before erupting, “AHHHHHH! GUYS!! MAKEOUTCLUB IS THIS WEEK!!” My inner teenage me shrieked with delight. It was painstaking not running home to rip out every plaid shirt I owned. “Ughhh,” Zero snarled. I guess I knew how he felt about the whole idea. “If it’s anything like Fight Club, but with lots of sexy girls, count me in!” said JB. You could hear his mind ticking, contemplating ways to become the Tyler Durden of the pop punk scene. “I should punch you in the ear,” said Zero grimly.

*Tick Tock, Tick Tock* a few days later and it finally arrived. Decked out in my best flannel, cutoffs, and fishnets, I patiently waited for Zero and JB to arrive. I paced back and forth excited to relive awesome insignificant high school moments: breaking up with the “love of your life”, not hitting it off with the “in” crowd, and rebelling against the world. The idea of losing my voice screaming every lyric at the top of my lungs like a true teenage groupie was overwhelming. It didn’t hurt that MakeOutClub was at The Barbary either; the King Midas of all Philadelphia nightclubs, turning any event into gold.

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A cab screeched to a halt, JB and Zero hopped out as Kanye West blared from the cab. They laughed hysterically and high-five’d the driver, thanking him for the “badass” ride. “Holy hell man, we’re in one piece!” Zero said laughing. JB nodded and laughed in unison. “Guy’s it’s time!!” I said to them. “You’re lucky it’s at The Barbary,” Zero pointed out as being the only justifiable reason to go. JB couldn’t care less if it was a Hanson tribute party, if there were women, there was JB. “I’m going to make out with the most punk girl I can find!” JB exclaimed, taking the “MakeOutClub” name a bit too literally.

I stopped and rubbed my eyes as Beards and flannels lined the street. The mesh of patterns and colors made my eyes go cross. Girls sported their finest midriffs and no lense glasses, while rocking messy I just woke up hairdos that took 2 hours to style. Peacock colored hair swept the streets serving as a post-hardcore mating call. Different shades of blues, greens, purples, and pinks lured the guys in one by one. We zigzagged through the crowd, gave our usual head nod to the bouncers, and plunged into the excitement.

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It was sensory overload. Colored lights flashed from every direction, the upbeat sing along music played loudly through the speakers. I didn’t know where to look first as I braced myself for a crowd dive that never came. The floor shook from people jumping and stomping, they shook their fists in fury while screaming wildly in their friend’s faces. We knew all too well what the next move was. In perfect sync, we swiftly maneuvered our way to the bar, it was Pabst O’Clock.

I snapped back to see a familiar face, Fame Lust was capturing every moment of madness from high atop the stage. Surely he could pick up every beam, mohawk, tattoo and PBR within a block’s radius. Beer in hand, I smiled and flung JB and Zero like a slingshot into the crowd. Whether they were ready or not, it was too late, we were in the belly of the beast.

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It was like a scene from a Half Baked, everyone just wanted to enjoy the groove and each other‘s rhythm. Simply fall under the voodoo-like possession of the deafening drums and screams while marching to your own beat. In the middle of my girlish freakout I yelled at Zero and JB, “Come on! Throw your hands up, gotta let go!” Zero shook his head and laughed, reluctantly throwing his hands up, joining JB and I in the eye of the storm. Beer and sweat splashed all over the dance floor; none of it mattered. I was just excited to have everyone feeling the love.

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DJ Deejay and John D. spun everything from New Found Glory to The Starting Line, bringing us down with the emo-est of emo, only to catapult us back up with high energy pop punk. The crowd erupted, screaming for more of the spectacular tag team mashups. Back and forth they went, ripping beats and scratching love into our hearts. The crowd became a mosh pit of unity. Somewhere amidst the stampede I lost Zero and JB, it was hopeless to try to find them now. The only thing left to do was what I did best, make friends. I turned to the 7 foot monster next to me and bonded over the lyrics of “Seventy times Seven.” It didn’t matter that I had just met my new mohawk’d friend two minutes prior, he put his arms over my shoulder and we harmonized over Brand New. When the song faded, I hugged him like I’d known him for years, gave him a swift pat on the back and searched for my crew.

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As the dance floor slowly starting to clear out, I searched the room. My vision was blurred from the sweat that poured into my eyes during the insanity. I spotted Zero’s signature black tee through the fading crowd and pushed my way passed a group of girls who weren’t ready to give up on the night. By the looks on their faces, I knew it was time, “You ready to go?” I smiled. Smoothly I squeezed between Zero and JB, threw my arms around them and squeezed them in appreciation. “Fun night?” I asked? “Great night,” Zero said with a grin as a girl waved to him, yelling something about him calling her.

The Bottom Line:
If you’re looking for an event where you can let all it all hang out, this is it! MakeOutClub is a judgment free zone where teenage angst rules the floor, and the responsibilities of a boring adult life go out the window. The hosts of MakeOutClub always outdo themselves and even took this show on the road to some of Philly’s hottest party spots including The Trocadero and The Bamboo Bar @ The Roxxy. Keep an eye out for where they might be next! Your girlfriend will be sorry if you miss it, and if you don’t have one…remember the name of the event!

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