Man complains about being covered in pussy.

CENTER CITY PHILADELPHIA, PA – After applying one too many spritzes of Axe Body Spray, a man entering the TD2BD party found himself immediately covered in pussy.

“They’re all dressed like cats! This isn’t the kind I wanted at all!” sources overheard the man exclaim as he entered the room.

Sources later confirmed his disgust with a party that required him to have a beautiful girl draw whiskers on his face.  “I don’t want to look stupid in front of all the ladies,” he told a source as he adjusted his collar from under his sweater vest.

Others praised the evening, stating, “Not since I snuck into a sorority house have I seen so much pussy in one place”, “It was the purrfect party” and “KAT FACE was so good, it almost killed me.”

There’s Drinking To Be Done, known for their human twerkipedes and dancing homeless men in suits, threw their very first KAT FACE party.

The party featured celebrity Yoloists Tanner Caldwell and DJ ADUB with a surprise set from native Baltimore DJ RaceCarBed.

We contacted Yoloist Tanner Caldwell about his party-wide ass clapping, booty shaking, shoulder hustling, swiggling, juggling, dribbling, twerk challenge. “I stared down all the kittens at the party and showed them how to put their backs into it. I think I showed them a thing or two and it turns out Nicky Da B’s got my back.”

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kat face td2bd philly 2013

Everyone else at the party loved it. Meow!