The days are getting longer. The nights are still cold but are made warm by our friends, loved ones, fans and supporters.

The year has been good. Our website has undergone some serious additions and changes over the last year (and subsequently, so did our personal lives). Several new writers and photographers have been brought on. We’ve started holding our own events and have befriended more friends than we can count sometimes. And, most importantly, we’ve done more investigative research into the psyche of Philadelphia and its wild inhabitants. There was plenty of drinking to be done in 2013, and we did it.

We’ve learned a lot this year, as a team, as friends, as people. We are learning from our experiences with you, the Drunken Disorderly. There are people who I never could have met had I not been brought on to the website, and eight months’ worth of knowledge I would never have gained if not for the people of Philadelphia. There are memories I’ll share forever that I wouldn’t have if it weren’t for 2013.

And now we have another year down the drain. Another year older (definitely), wiser (maybe) and richer (probably not). Where have you been in the last twelve months? Are you happier than you were in 2012? Have you done more or less with your life? If you were with us this year, then the answer to those questions should be “yes”. Who among us can’t say that the time we spent together wasn’t happy or filled with enrichment and joyous frivolity?

Where were you this year? If you were there for our good times (and our bad times), will you be there with us next year too? I hope so. And if you weren’t with us this year, do us (and yourselves) a favor. Join us for drinks in 2014 and another cycle of madness on this giant floating rock that spins around a giant ball of gas.

From Roc Borja and all of us here at Team TD2BD,

Happy New Year!