Just a quick news update for all of our readers!

1. We’re looking for a few writers to join the gang. It’s UNPAID, but makes for a great resume builder, a place to showcase your work and hey, we’re pretty cool to hang with.

2. We’re looking for some new events to write about, send them our way!

3. We’re hosting our VERY OWN event in July. Details coming soon!

4. Did you know we have some gritty bad-ass t-shirts for sale? $6 shirts. Message us on our Facebook page for details.

Awww yeah.

Get your very own TD2BD shirt today. (Special thanks to Fame Lust and Citywide for the pics!)


5.  Jayne Doe made some fancy art work that will be for sale 6/15/2013 (Saturday) at the Dead Flowers Block Party.

The party spans the 600 block of Earp Street, between Reed and Wharton Streets.



A Jayne Doe original piece of TD2BD artwork!

A Jayne Doe original piece of TD2BD artwork!


More good things coming soon! Spread the word! TD2BD

We all have that one friend...

We all have that one friend…