Six years ago on Valentine’s Day, I learned that a friend I had not seen in many years died of a heroin overdose. It affected me deeply despite the time that had passed since our friendship was active.

Today, I learned of the death of another young man due to overdose. I had not seen this person in many years, and the time since those encounters were more than an occasional run-in at the local Wawa or pizza shop has been even longer. Yet I am still deeply shaken by his passing.

This is not a eulogy for either of those people. For me to try and write such a thing outside of the knowledge of those who saw them more, knew them better, and loved them as family would be immensely disrespectful. This is not a eulogy, but Sweet T and I took a shot for you tonight, George.

Let this St. Patty’s Day be a reminder of those we’ve loved and lost to this horrible battle, and take a shot for those who you have loved who’ve gone to the clearing at the end of the path. This is not a eulogy, but a remembrance for all those we’ve loved and lost to the struggle along the way.

There is a problem in our region. A scourge. It has affected so many, myself included (more than I would like to admit) not just in our area but around the country. This is not an anti-drug campaign, however. To write such would be hypocritical, impertinent and deceitful to those who are still in pain, still suffering and still struggling. I have gotten better, but not everyone does.

To those of you out there, suffering, know that everyone here at TD2BD loves you. We miss you. Know that I share your pain, even if I cannot know your pain from my own. Tonight we will be thinking of you. We’ve lost someone that has dearly touched many, many lives in our area. To that I say, raise a toast. Raise a toast for those we love, and for those we may not have much longer. It is you for whom we mourn as well.

Be safe, be smart and don’t forget those who would miss you and mourn you after you’re gone.

RIP George Sheeron III.

-Roc Borja