It started as a dream; chase the stars. I didn’t know where anything would go and I definitely didn’t know if anyone would care. The only things I had on my side were two good friends, a laptop, and a six pack. The idea was to create something bigger than any of us.

I hoarded the nights to myself and gathered my thoughts, one bar at a time. With each passing week I sharpened my skills. What happened over the following year surprised me and showed exactly what The City of Brotherly Love meant.

Somewhere along the lonesome road, I made friends, LOTS of them: Bar owners, photographers, DJs, and a few fellow writers. They hopped on board eager to share their own stories, photos, and adventures of the nightlife they love.

Now a year later, I’m pleased to say that we’re doing better than ever. We hope to continue to offer Philly an amusing and colorful picture painted with words. So we’ll keep marching ahead, one foot in front of the other. Positive thoughts, followed by positive action. So thank you, everyone, for your continued readership and support. It’s been an amazing 52 weeks of excitement and there’s plenty more to come.

Zero Lives and Team TD2BD