It felt good to be in the city when the ghouls and freaks were roaming. It was Halloween and we were on South Street for the Poisonous Pinups Halloween Spooktacular at the Legendary Dobbs. There was an electric, lively feeling in the air despite the light drizzle.   As I walked to the bar to grab a city-wide, I saw that the upstairs of Dobbs was steadily filling with more and more people. A booming voice broke the noise of the crowd as Ash from Army of Darkness took to the stage.

“Alright you primitive screwheads, I’m Brettzo – or Ash – your host tonight for tonight’s festivities. Welcome to the Poisonous Pinups Halloween Spooktacular! Before we get started however, I must recite the words necessary for us to commence! KLAATU… VERATA… n… Necktie? Anyway, without further ado, let us begin!” Brettzo held out his shotgun and fired into the crowd.

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As he walked off the stage, the lights dimmed and the music rose and the Swamp Thing entered. She began peeling off her layers of swampy skin and leaves until nothing remained but the gorgeous Dottie Riot. Next up was Lascivious Jane of Liberty City Kings Drag and Burlesque. She used a knife to cut her way out of her already revealing outfit until all but her frilly panties were torn to shreds. She tore at the air and tore at her clothes and tore at our minds as she shook and danced onstage.   After a cigarette and another drink, the band Splitwig came onstage with a powerhouse sound, reminiscent of the better days of death metal. I found myself moving and thrashing my arms around as they tore into their instruments and wore a hole in my eardrum with their impressive sound.

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Brettzo’s voice came on the mic and he offered us one more treat before the night ended. Brettzo shook his ass-tassels on stage for us, swinging and grooving while blasting the crowd with his shotgun and cutting off his own hand. I couldn’t help but think that maybe I should start shaking my booty in public more often.

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The girls and boys got up on stage and threw us a huge bow, and we were told to head downstairs to participate in the costume contest. “You need to enter the costume contest tonight. If I don’t see you down there, I’ll be extremely disappointed.” the show’s promoter, Geoffery Von Gore said to me. Pinup girls and Trick or Treaters were ambling around in tight dresses and fangs and Halloween makeup and fishnet stockings. “What the hell” i said. Even if I lost the contest I’d still be surrounded by scantily clad women.

A very convincing Bane came up to me and said, “You’ve merely adopted that costume. I was born in mine! You didn’t know Halloween until you were a man!”

I stood on stage (dressed as an Amish man) with R2D2, a man dressed as cancer, several pinup girls, a skeleton, Bane, and Columbia from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. As they called me forward to let the crowd judge my costume, I held my arms up high in the air and screamed “RUMSHPRINGAAAAAA!!!” at top volume. The crowd cheered and clapped and although I only came in second I was proud. I received a gift certificate from for my efforts. After the costume contest, we got our pictures taken and had drinks with the hosts and dancers and danced furiously to DJ Adub’s Halloween beats with the remaining patrons at the bar. As the Witching Hour came and went, the spirits of Halloween had us roaring in laughter together, ghoulishly dressed like demons in the night.

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The bottom line:
Poisonous Pinups put on a great show with some great dancers that kept the crowd entertained and multiplying throughout the night. I’d never heard of Poisonous Pinups until just recently, but you can be sure I’ll be keeping an eye on future events. Poisonous Pinups, though fairly new, combines a love for all things cosplay, toys, comics, and horror while promoting events that every deviant can enjoy. Be sure to like their page on Facebook to stay up to date with events, pinup promotions and photo shoots.