“The new twist on getting twisted.”

Whether you sip it, bong it, shoot it, keg stand it, or prefer less traditional routes such as tamponing or boofing it, alcohol has always found its way into our bloodstreams as a liquid. That was until alcohol genius Mark Phillips got his hands on it. According to www.iflscience.com, powdered alcohol may be finding its way on U.S. shelves in the not so distant future. Turn down for whaaaat?? Certainly not for instant, powdered booze.

The holdup is, of course, government related. They are always one step ahead of our sneaky ways. As I’m sure you’ve already imagined alcohol in a powdered form could make it outrageously easy to smuggle into restricted events, overpriced venues, or into the hands of minors. There are also concerns about the countless number of people who might be inclined to find alternative methods to ingesting this powder (I’m looking at you, Roc Borja). If you were thinking about such alternative methods, the product’s website says to think twice! They’ve taken measures to make snorting the substance highly inconvenient by adding volume to the powder itself. According to the product’s creators, it would take snorting over half a cup to feel any desired effects.

‘Palcohol’ (a portmanteau for ‘powdered alcohol’) could be revolutionary if it passes regulations. Not only is it both convenient and portable, but you can literally mix it right there in the pouch with your choice of liquid. If you’re crazy enough or have a death wish, you can even mix it with more alcohol! It’s the hassle free, quick, easy, and clean way to get your sip on scientifically! The bottom line is, this is pretty damn rad and we’re excited. Keep an eye out for more news about this product’s progress though their website at www.palcohol.com.