Reggie Bugmuncher of A Vaudeville Extravaganza

Mister E (of Dead Flowers) took a moment to ask performer, producer and bug eating friend, Reggie Bugmuncher, several preliminary questions prior to the TD2BD coverage of her latest project, REGGIE’S BRODIE: A VAUDEVILLE EXTRAVAGANZA. Reggie explains why she does it all in a lightning round of questions.

Why would you encourage someone to come to this event?
I would encourage anyone to come to this event, but especially the type of person who has never seen a burlesque or variety show. Specifically because sometimes (the squarer types) may not be familiar with bars and venues doing a less versatile type of variety and therefore they never fall in love and branch out to see all the variety in Variety Arts. This type of show is everyone’s bag, and is the kind of tool we all need for recruitment of new variety fans and lovers.

How long have you been in sideshow?
Almost a decade.

What’s your favorite thing about being a performer/artist?
I have always enjoyed traveling and meeting new people, but as of late it has really been about performing with new people, testing out new stage chemistry and flying by the seat of my pants with almost complete strangers. It’s thrilling.

What is your inspiration for producing an event like this one?
It was actually a conversation with a friend who is completely unfamiliar with this scene and the variety arts and they kinda poo-poo’d on burlesque making stripper jokes (and I love stripping, but I need people to know what burlesque IS!). I wanted to open this scene up to people who otherwise would pay it no mind or worse: be completely unaware of it. So I guess the inspiration was ignorance? And possible financial gain.

Do you have a favorite story while doing this?
So far, nothing shocking has happened, but tonight is our first dress rehearsal. Cast meeting for the first time, dancers dancing to the band for the first time… [laughs]… ahem. I am bringing wine and Xanex.

How are you going to celebrate after closing night?
I will most likely drink til 4 because Ruba Hall is open LATE! Then I am sleeping in and doing NOTHING but ordering in, staying in my underwear and watching Netflix all fucking day and night.

The show will run from September 19th to the 22nd.

Visit this link for more details and stop in to say hello to Team TD2BD who will be there for full coverage.