Lunacy Brewing Company

On any regular day, it’s easy to miss Lunacy Brewing Company if you’re not looking. The entrance is in the back of the building, and the driveway is marked by a single flag emblazoned with their crescent moon logo. If the flag is waving the wrong way, or if you’re not paying attention, you’re likely to drive right past it, which is what I did several times the first time I went.

Last weekend, though, this was not the case. It seemed like everyone who had ever heard of Lunacy came out to support their anniversary party. The parking lot was completely full, and most of the street parking was taken as well. There was no way even a casual passerby wouldn’t realize something was there.

lunacy brewing company 1

Walking into Lunacy feels like going to your favorite coffee shop, if your favorite coffee shop only served beer. Despite the typically sterile appearance of brewing equipment, Lunacy still feels cozy and inviting. The entire side of the brewery is a large garage-style door that opens into a decent sized yard. String lights stretch from the roof, across the yard, to the opposing fence. The patio is a great place to congregate around the fire pit with some friends, or to stand under one of the outdoor heaters with a buddy. Depending on the weather, in the grass, you are likely to find backyard games, such as cornhole or ladder ball, and some small plastic slides and toys for anyone who would like to bring their children.

lunacy brewing company 2

Even the patrons at Lunacy were welcoming. They weren’t your typical bawdy bar crowd that you might expect at an event like this. Everyone was friendly, polite, and respectful of each others’ space, even when that meant sitting around the fire pit with a bunch of strangers. In a situation that would typically send my social anxiety through the roof, I somehow felt perfectly at home.

With the amount of volume the event brought in clearly being more than they anticipated, the staff at Lunacy were really on top of things. Everything was kept clean, and every glass was kept full. They also maintained a pretty decent snack spread for anyone who got a little peckish, since they don’t serve food.


The bottom line:

The only conceivable downside to Lunacy is that the only way to get their beer is to go to the brewery, but that is also what makes it so special. They don’t can or bottle their beer, but you can drink there or get a growler filled. As for the beer itself, it’s honestly delicious. I tried two of them (the Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout and the last of the Mrs. Claus winter brew) and even though I’m not a beer drinker, I could enjoy an entire glass easily. Don’t take it from me, though. Try it out for yourself. It is definitely worth the trip over the bridge.

214 Davis Rd. Magnolia NJ.