Most of us are well aware of our limits. Others…not so much.

There’s always that one person who is entirely too drunk. You know the kind: spilling drinks on people, physically annoying, attention whoring and just saying things that they DEFINITELY shouldn’t. This is a person who is causing a collective sense of discomfort among partygoers. In plain words, a drunken asshole.

Sometimes this problematic walking time-bomb may have arrived with you. As their friend you may be stuck babysitting this adult for their own safety, caring for them the way a parent or chaperone would! At this point in the night the fun is probably over, well for you at least. So quickly has it gone from drinking and dancing to watching and following! It is an admirable role to take on, but the most accurate description of this role is head-splittingly annoying.

Earlier this year, an out of town girlfriend was invited along to go barhopping. One of our stops happened to be an amazing party, which I was lucky to stumble upon.

The night was at its climax. I was that immaculate kind of drunk; I wasn’t quite falling over and fully aware of my extremities. My vision blurred just enough for the room to shake in unison with the music. We all know that carefree feeling of enjoyment while we are out with friends, that sense of all being there together, yet independent of one another.

Although my general memories are a little foggy past this point of the night, my visiting friend made sure I had a night to remember. She cursed out SEVERAL bouncers, flashed a bunch of random men on the street and climbed on top of a bar only to dramatically fall off, causing a huge scene. She sloppily made out with a few guys, threw her heel at another girl who looked at her “the wrong way”, and “needed to borrow money”. Once she was back at our friends house she threw up all over his kitchen…and her dress.

This amusing display was one I did not fully “drink in” at the time. In retrospect, the horror was only magnified when I realized how lucky we were to escape her company totally unscathed. Mostly out of fear, she was never contacted again.

Friends should always look out for each other. However, we all need to remember to lookout for ourselves too. Let’s not forget how to act in the pursuit of a good time! And don’t forget the 10 Stages Of Drunkenness as a rule.