It was one of the coldest nights of the week, but that didn’t matter anymore; I was off to the big city. Creative Spotlights and The Red Shark Entertainment Inc were hosting a talent showcase for some of NYC’s finest up-and-coming stars.

I was searching frantically for my other high heel. “AHA! I FOUND IT!” I bundled up tight and ran out the door on my way to the train. That was one of the conveniences of moving to New York; there was still drinking to be done, and for once I wasn’t the DD.

Forty minutes later, I arrived at Grand Central. I readjusted my heel three times while frantically waving my arms to hail a taxi. You’d think the damn things would stop quicker for a pretty girl in heels on a Friday evening!

A cab finally swerved to the side of the road. “ELLO’ LIT-EL LADY, WHERE CAN I TAKE YA TOOOONIGHT,” he asked with a smile and a thick accent.

I couldn’t jump in the cab quick enough. “54 39th street, PLEASE!” I told the cabbie, smiling from ear to ear. I was stoked to finally meet Dani Felt, CEO of Creative Spotlights; she was one of the main reasons I was coming, other than to meet all the upcoming musical talent in New York.

There was one problem though, “Hey, do you see 54 anywhere? I can’t find…” I started to say to driver as I got out of the cab, but then I heard a booming bass system blasting through massive, solid doors. Sure enough, I looked over to see a sign that said “EVR” on it. I felt like as if I were about to fall down the rabbit hole. “Here goes nothing,” I said to myself as I opened the giant gateway.

The venue was dark, deep and narrow, and I wasn’t sure that I hadn’t actually fallen into the rabbit hole. A glimmer caught my eye. Small mirror tiles lined the inner wall, reflecting the brightly colored lasers that bounced in time to the bass. I spotted Dani at the podium. “Hey lady! Jayne Doe, TD2BD, so awesome to finally meet you!” I said, extending my hand as she popped a VIP Press bracelet on my wrist.

“Likewise! Straight back, and to the left you’ll find the staircase to the Press lounge! I’ll see you in a bit,” said Dani, busy welcoming those coming to see the performers.

I made my way through the crowd, admiring the sleek ambiance of the venue itself. A balcony overlooked the main floor. The sponsor for the evening was Balls Vodka, which was offering an hour open bar to the press. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation was also in tow, collecting donations and giving out bracelets and pins.

After a mysterious backstage adventure, I found the stairs and climbed them quickly. A small bar stood on the far side of the VIP section with a beautiful bartender awaiting us. Balls promo postcards were scattered across the bar top. I grabbed one and read the recipe on the back, ‘Balls to the Wall.’ This seemed perfectly New York City adequate. The barkeep looked up and gave me the signature, ‘What’ll you be having?’ head nod.

“Balls to the wall!” I said enthusiastically, trying not to laugh. I grabbed my drink and made my way back downstairs where the lip sync contest was already underway. These ladies were giving it Ru Paul’s Drag Race realness! They were more than fierce, and hungry for the title shot. In the end, Jayonce reigned victorious and was crowned lip sync champion!

The night was about to get underway when Danny Severence & the Na Capellas, a soulful alternative group, were setting up. Graffiti faces covered the wall behind the performers, silently judging you as you judged the showcase. The lighting went dim as Danny began to sing. I worked my way to the front through a sea of slow bobbing heads. Everyone was getting into the music. Things started to get serious when Danny, an experienced violinist, started classically breaking it down. Perfection played in front of my eyes and I was ready for more delicious balls.

I sampled the other delicious drinks as other acts highlighted the evening, one after another. Natalia Segura, a free spirited, pop singing, Australian native with a super positive vibe wooed the crowd with her beauty and upbeat songs about being enthralled with the beauty of life, and love. Just as soon as you got relaxed, the night took a wild turn as Kiirsten Marilyn hit the stage. Cute and edgy, Kiirsten, (a petite punk rock beauty) really rocked the crowd. Everyone got in on the action. Hands were up and everyone circled Kiirsten as she danced into the crowd, interacting with the party goers and bringing out the evening’s wild side.

The R.O.A.R and Down Beat Keys kept the crowd moving as the night came to a close. Despite their name, the crowd was as upbeat as they’d been all night! Everyone was feeling Ballsy and dancing the night away. I had an amazing time; the acts were all full of energy, talent, class and enthusiasm.

The bottom line:

Thanks to Creative Spotlights and The Red Shark Entertainment Inc, the talent showcase was a huge success. Follow Creative Spotlights on Facebook for more upcoming events like this. Special thank you to everyone who performed, and invited to come take part in such an awesome showcase! We hope to see you all again soon!

54 W. 39th Street
New York, NY 10018