HI HO everyone! It’s your favorite neighborhood masked author and avenger of drinking justice, Ozaku, here to bring you some interesting news from the internet grape vine.

I am here to tell you about what the folks down at SYNEK have been working on. No, not SKYNET, SYNEK. Recently popping up on the infamous kickstarter (and reaching their goal in record time), these pioneers of the drinking frontier have taken things to the next level. They took the pre-existing instant-coffee-at-the-push-of-a-button technology behind the “Keurig” machine and decided to apply that to making instant draft beer at your fingertips!


Speaking as someone who used to wake up and pray to the Keurig Gods, this is incredible. I’m all about improving my quality of life (and increasing my laziness without giving up taste and flavor). Having read about and watched the science behind the “SYNEK DRAFT SYSTEM”, I’m convinced that this will provide a vast improvement to my quality of drinking. As you can imagine – being based on the Keurig system – the SYNEK does use interchangeable cartridges that allow you to imbibe in greater variety and save you storage space. The cartridges don’t lose quality over time either. These cartridges can last up to 30+ plus days too so long as you maintain the machine and the servings properly (great for those long, torturous weeks in between TB2DB parties)!

The bottom line:

This sort of forward-thinking technology could to support the ever-growing multitude of local craft breweries. SYNEK already has access to over 17,000 varieties of beer from more than 1200 breweries and counting. Another progressive step forward for the science of finding bigger and better ways to get drunk and have a great time with friends!