TBA Con V for Venture Bros. Burlesque!
The 5th Televison Burlesque Art Convention returned January 30 2016 at the Red Room at the Society Hill Playhouse.

Liberty Rose as Hank Venture
Pizza Wolf as Dean Venture
Clara Coquette as the Monarch
Fem Appeal as Jefferson Twilight
The Amazing Brettzo as Dr. “Rusty” Venture
MasoKiss as The Sovereign
Esther Ver Millions as Moltov Cocktease
& Introducing Dr. Boyfriend as Brock Sampson
Gogo by Asha Rabbit as Triana Orpheus
hosted by Cubby Altobelli as Uncle Vatred
JUST ADDED Liberty Rose as Dr. Mrs. The Monarch!!!

The Red Room at Society Hill Playhouse
507 S 8th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147