TD2BD @ The Barbary 7/18/14

“The floor was breaking. As I danced in the throng of people I could feel the floorboards distending, throbbing under the weight of various pairs of feet as their owners bumped and ground, raised their arms, and danced. For the last twelve months we have filled rooms and distended floorboards. We were monthly, but had now achieved anniversary status as this night pounded on. Could you celebrate any harder than this? This was the Legion of Dance – those who celebrated pulse and beat, sweat and brow. A more fitting birthday party could not have been given to most adults but what we were celebrating was only a year old. I could feel the floor breaking, and all I could think was “Let’s bring this fucker down”. To all of you who made it out to our One Year Anniversary party, we thank you. To all those who have come out to party in the last twelve months, we thank you. To all of you who couldn’t make it, or have never made it, we better see you next month.” -Sweet-T and Roc Borja