“The girls gave us a case of the G.I. Blues.” -Zero Lives

My heart raced in anticipation; chills, shivers, delight, concord. The show was minutes from starting; sexual tension filled the theater. Women were savage with delight, gripping the hand of the person next to them. Men with fiendish grins prepared for a tit-tassling show. The depraved flocked to their seats in all forms, young and old, shy and eager; empowered women paraded around in skimpy dresses with six inch heels challenging the shows natural charisma. Clutch, JB and I grabbed a drink at the bar. It was a reunion of sorts; an adventure that began a few months prior.

Shriek, rip, zip, scratch, now rewind. Nearly three months prior we confronted The Barbary’s legendary once a month ‘Hands and Knees’ party. The details are sparse. Spin 20 times, punch the air, drink, shot, drink, place your head too close to a speaker. Brains rattle loose, memories surface, grab the nearest sexy girl and make out. The night was entitled to a continuous loop; after all it was my birthday. We hopped a cab and headed towards our favorite after hours haunt, Ruba Hall. “Holy shit that girl is hot,” yelled Clutch out the window. Clutch and I looked in shock and amazement as a girl made purely of legs and short shorts sprint after our cab. “Holy hell, she’s got on 8 inch heels!” I shouted excitedly. “Cabbie, stop here, NOW!” bellowed JB. “So darling where are we heading tonight? You should come with us to Ruba Hall,” motioned JB as calmly as possible. “I was just there! Now I’m going to get some!” she said excitedly with a little squeal. We couldn’t fault her logic. “Tell my friend Lulu Lollipop that Zennia Fire sent ya,” she said. With that we gave her our cab and walked to Ruba Hall. Lulu greeted us like one of her own, excitedly discussing the upcoming Las Vegas Burlesque competition that the girls were training for. We promised we’d visit when they returned, hopefully as winners.

Borrowed from their Facebook page. All rights to the respective individual.

Suddenly a voice roared asking us to take our seats. The lights dimmed as a screen lit up. It was the girls competition in Las Vegas. The short film showed their treacherous journey, the highs and lows of competition. As I suspected, they won best troupe of 2012. The screen rose, a man missing his pants, wearing only a jacket and sock suspenders took the stage. JB and I turned and stared at Clutch. “It’s you on any drunken Saturday night,” added JB. Clutch stared quietly at the ground. “Guess he forgets his pants sometimes too,” mumbled Clutch. Coco Lectric, the Austin, Texas burlesque star took the stage. The cult of indifference slapped their hands together and whistled as she told some jokes. With that, the entertainment began.

Borrowed from their Facebook page.

The evening buzzed by combining a unique blend of comedy, sex, and dance. A Paris umbrella show, a woman in a man’s world, the Coco Captain Kirk fan dance, a burlesque tango, a 1920’s flapper dance, a 1960’s funky flare routine, The man with no pants 70’s introspection (robe included this time), A very Cherry seduction, an odd job aggression, a voice with sexual clarity, boa dancing, and enough eye candy to get anyone motivated. By the time Lulu Lollipop took the stage we were already long gone on a hypnotic journey.


Borrowed from their Facebook page. All rights to the respective individual.

The electrifying show contained simple complications with a collaboration and risk that’s hard to imagine. Women who embraced their curves tantalized us with mesmerizing seduction, while a live band performed intricate numbers. Every performance gave 110% drawing every person in the crowd a little closer to the stage. We sat wide eyed, slack jawed, for most of the show. Short intermissions allowed for over priced beers to satisfy our cravings. It was a multi-verse art form spanning the decades. The subtle sultry dance moves were archaic in nature; the type that have been seducing men since the dawn of time. We were presented with Vegas quality in our own small city of Philadelphia. They thanked everyone for 14 years of support, but we were more grateful to be a small part of it.

Cheers Peek-A-Boo,
The Crew From TD2BD.

The bottom line:

From inception to performance, the girls, along with the band, will take you on a sexually charged classy adventure. The show oozes decades of sexual prowess, needless to say is time eternal. We HIGHLY recommend you take time out of your busy schedule to check out this show. It’s fantastic for the right date or even a few people that want to get away from the mundane bar scene. Our only complaint was the $5 tiny cups of not PBR, but we’re looking at you Trocadero Theater for that one! Check the Peek-A-Boo Revue’s website and Facebook page for upcoming events and shows!




Borrowed from their Facebook page. All rights to the respective individual.