“It’s a cooler sophistication where whiskey rules.” – Zero Lives

I cut down 11th street towards The Trestle Inn, a cold wind cut into me. It was an unusually bitter night and the rest of the crew were at home sick. I counted my blessings; lone wolf suited me fine. I pressed forward, shoving my hands into my pockets. A guy, no older than 21, was wobbling around, handcuffed outside the police station. “I’m nawt real, drunk!” the guy yelled. His friend stared impatiently at the ground, shaking his head. It was only 11 P.M., and entirely too early for this shit. I  needed a whiskey sour.

A few blocks later, I arrived at The Trestle Inn. A small chalkboard sign read, “Disco and Go-Go Dancers.” Platforms and bell bottoms swirled through my head. The combination was enticing; the art of Go-Go and disco had long been snuffed out. I looked in horror at the building. What was I about to enter?  Don’t go near that place! Old man Jenkins still haunts it! I had a flashback to Ortlieb’s Lounge; never judge a bar by it’s building. A man assumed to be the doorman stepped forward, “Ya going in or what?” he asked with a smile, breaking me from my daze. I suddenly had a burning desire for some Ecto Cooler; it was best I went inside.

You better know what this is...

You better know what this is…

The walls were an artful daze of screen projections from the ’60s and ’70s. I realized I was part of a secret swank society. Socialites sipped their highballs, regaling uninteresting stories about work. “HA HA HA”, a girl let out a large fake laugh. Something about books. A blonde Go-Go dancer smiled and stomped around on top a platform by the bar. A dismissive bartender angrily polished glasses. I stared helplessly amused. By God man, just look at her once! There’s no such thing as too much Go-Go!

This is a projection on the wall.

I excused my way to the bar and ordered a whiskey sour and a Pabst. The bartender plopped a perfect whiskey sour in front of me. I thanked him, and he replied with a grimace. Beats echoed from the back half of the bar, calling my name. I stepped through a small hallway with curtains and arrived at the dance floor.  I made my way towards a small table in the back; a perfect place to sip whiskey and enjoy the crowd.

DJ Ed blammo catered to the floor, reconstructing the excitement of  Boogie Nights. The crowd waxed, waned, then whipped around the room. Some couples held onto each other lovingly and swayed to a familiar upbeat groove. Others shyly watched from the sidelines, yearning to join. The blonde Go-Go dancer made her way to a brightly lit black and orange platform. I stared in anticipation knowing what would come next. She was your home grown Trestle Inn disco cheerleader designed to get you off your ass and up on the floor. It was as simple as…now follow along. One and two and three and four.

Various nervous young professionals hesitantly started to dance along. An army of hipster Taylor Swifts poured onto the dance floor. They followed along, ready to let out their finest back and forth dance moves. As the night chugged on, alcohol slowly gave way to inhibition. A girl jumped up on the second Go-Go platform giggling and wiggling around. People smiled and laughed before she hesitantly hopped down.

It was an undisputed night of fun. Alcohol, you marvelous match maker. You’ll always know how to bring women and bad dancing together forever. After all, busting loose ain’t easy and this was the perfect place for a loner looking to escape the typical Philly madness.

The bottom line:

Hours:  5 p.m. – 2 a.m.
Crowd:  Casual
Music: DJ | Background
Price range:  $$
Accepts Credit Cards:  Yes
Dance floor:  Yes
Outdoor area: No
Coat check: No

The Trestle Inn is a little pricey, $4 for a Pabst and $8 for a small whiskey sour. On the other hand, the steep prices bring a certain crowd, class, and sophistication to the Trestle Inn. The outside screams dive, however the inside is rich in good vibes, and friendly atmosphere. Saturday nights have been home to special event called Saturnia with various DJs. They bring to you a disco dance party with a fierce blend of classic disco, boogie & proto-house. Looking to take a vacation from the normal Saturday night in Philly? Then this is certainly for you!

The Trestle Inn
339 N 11th St
Philadelphia, PA 19107


Each week offers a different DJ, this particular evening had Ed Blammo. Follow this guy, he’s fantastic.