Two hipsters sit in the back of raging party and tweet the word “meh.”

CENTER CITY, PHILADELPHIA- As a party raged into the early morning hours, two disenfranchised hipsters remained quiet as they buried their faces in their phones. A source close to the pair reported that they were apparently fed up over the growing excitement and large amounts of people that filled their local bar, Medusa Lounge.

Sources confirmed their disinterest after asking them how they felt having six incredible DJs including Tanner Caldwell, ADUB, XNDR, JXLBeats, Jack Deezl and Architekt. “It just wasn’t ironic enough,” said the one hipster. “And there were only two photographers taking party photos,” added the second hipster.

The night ranged from Trap and House to Hip-Hop and Bass sounds. Sources contacted DJ ADUB and asked him how he thought the party went. “I don’t know…I was just there to charge my phone and get drunk,” said DJ ADUB. Several excessively sweaty party goers were overheard saying “he killed it”, “they all killed it” and “it’s so killed, that it’s totes dead.”

The party was thrown by Philadelphia’s very own The collective group known as Team TD2BD have been bothering bars and DJs for nearly 2 years with their drunken antics and poor dancing skills.

We asked self appointed Partydelphian  and resident ironic party expert, Kingpin, how he felt about TD2BD.  “Who? Oh, those guys…” he followed with, “yeah, they’re alright.” will be throwing another party August 29nd at Medusa Lounge.

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