Well folks, the summer season has officially ended, and we are now in the full, total embrace of fall and everything that comes with it. The last vestiges of warm, blue skies are behind us, and an unnatural obsession with all things pumpkin based has befallen over the land.

However, just because summer is now over doesn’t mean we can’t truly bring in the changing season with a blast. The Philadelphia Homebrew Club (in conjunction with humanitarian outfit Philabundance) is presenting: MADE ON AMERICAN STREET – A BBQ RIB AND CHICKEN COMPETITION AND HOMEBREW COMPETITION.

That’s right folks; what better way to truly say goodbye to the summer season than by having one final block party? On October 18th, American Street will be shut down for a final party celebrating the most palatable grilled delicacies! 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes will be given out for Best Tasting Ribs, Best Tasting Chicken, and Best Tasting Southern Side. First place for both the Rib and Chicken categories is a whopping 1200 dollars, while first place for Best Side is a respectable 300 dollars.

The block party will also feature a Philly Homebrew competition for best American Style Beer in over 35 accepted categories. Live music, games, and a bouncy castle will provide the perfect atmosphere for old and young alike, and those of age will be given the gift that keeps on giving: a commemorative Philly Homebrew tasting glass.

Best of all? Your pals from TD2BD will be there for all of the delicious, finger-licking action!

Sweet T will be ready with her camera, no doubt catching hundreds of people wiping their fingers on their bibs. As for yours truly, I’ll be there (with my Immodium at the ready) ARBITRATING THE FOOD COMPETITION AS GUEST JUDGE!

There’s a pretty good chance I’ll drink a lot of beer as well.

So please, come celebrate fall’s best month on October 18th with us on the 1400 block of American Street. We’ll be looking forward to all that barbecued goodness!

Check out the event here: